Breakdowns of tuning methods and specific drum parts employed by John Bonham.. 

1. How To Kick It Like Bonham - A Drum Tuning Tutorial


This a demonstration of how I tune my 1972 Ludwig 3-ply Maple Drum Kit. It's similar in sizes and appearance to what John Bonham used from 1970 - (early) 1973. The emphasis is on tuning the resonant head higher than the batter head, and both are going to be tuned much higher than more modern techniques, which generally have the drums tuned a little lower to register their attack more.   

2. Kick It Like Bonham - The Caress Of Steel - Ludwig Stainless Steel Drums Showcase


This a demonstration of the 2006 Ludwig / Ron Dunnett John Bonham Stainless Steel Re-Issue Kit and a 1979 Ludwig Stainless Steel Drum Kit. There are some differences between the two, and I've done my best to break those elements down in this video. While there's really only one major change (the baring edges), it's not a decision that's made the newer shells any less amazing. Far from it, both kits are a joy and possess a lot of character. Apart from discussing the differences in the two kits, I've also used the floor toms (which are the same dimensions for both kits) to detail any difference in tone and sound. Overall, I've found the 2006 Re-Issue Kit to be a very worthy successor to some of the drums that John Bonham made famous back in the late 70's. Well done, Ronn Dunnett!