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Recording Inquiries

For anyone interested in having me record on their project...



It's a real honor when anybody asks me to participate on their project. I love collaborating with musicians from all over the world, regardless of the style of music they play. I am incredibly fortunate to own the collection of drum kits that I have, and I know they provide a very saught-after sound that a lot of musicians are looking for in their songs.  I never have any problem if you want to download any of my videos off of YouTube or Vimeo so that you can either make your own version of a song I've covered (after all, I'm just copying what another amazing drummer has already come up with), or compose your own song using the drum parts from any of the videos (I just ask that you share it with me once you're done - I always like hearing what people come up with). 


However, at this point, I've received more requests to collaborate from other musicians than I can currently oblige, and as a result, I feel the need to start charging for my time. I say this with a particular amount of humility; I started making these videos purely to share and spread the legend of these drummers I love and the sound of the vintage kits, and while I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I was hoping it might unlock a few doors or opportunities along the way, it hasn't been with the intention to directly profit off of someone else's (Bonham or Densmore's) work (even though I do that in The Doors tribute band that I play in). I have a few musical projects I am actively involved in, I work full-time, I'm married, and I have other hobbies outside of music that I like to pursue. However, the response and support from the musical community has been overwhelmingly positive and more than I ever could have hoped for. As a result, I want to continue to offer my services, and make sure my efforts are worth your time. In the past, I've given away quite a bit of my time working on songs that people have sent me through YouTube, offering up finished drum tracks for their compositions from my end, and more-often-than-not, finding that there was a lack of follow-through to bring the project to completion once it was back in the hands of its composer. That's a long-winded way of saying I don't have a lot to show for the number of hours I've spent working on other people's projects. It's meant that more recently, I haven't devoted as much time to those who were unfortunate enough to follow some of the more flakey people I chose to work with in the past. Charging a little for my time will ensure that you are a priority and that I will be commited to delivering a solid, finished product to you in a timely manner for you to use as you please.


Again, I am most happy to work with as many people as possible on their projects. I just need to make sure that my time is being well spent, and if that means I can support my family a little more in the time I'm taking away from them, then that's what I need to do...






$100 per song (anything up to eight minutes) | $125 for anything longer than eight minutes.

$75 for anything 10 songs and over (i.e. recording a whole album) | $100 for anything longer than eight minutes.


What That Gets You

1) At least three clean, final takes per song with little variations that give you the greatest number of options to choose from.

2) A video of the performance of the song (optional)

3) Your choice of the drum kit(s) your song is recorded on. I don't mind if you want one take on the Vista Lite, one on the Green Sparkle, and one on the     Maple Thermogloss.

4) The multi-tracks delivered to you via Dropbox or Google Drive. If you wish to choose another option i.e. hard drive, flash drive, etc, it may require you sending that to me and taking care of shipping charges.


You can find a list of the drum kits I own here


Equipment I Use

ProTools 10

PreSonus FireStudio Project Interface

Behringer ADA8200 (w/ Black Lion Premium Modification)




Shure SM57 (used on snare drum)

Shure SM58/58 Beta (used where necessary)

Sennheiser E835 (used on toms)




If you're still interested, despite my greedy panhandling, please shoot me a message below and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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